Let our candles create a cosy and intimate ambiance for your happenings

Christmas Market



Our Candles in terracotta og zinc pots are handpoured at the time you place your order with our wax. Place them around your patio, deck or yard to add a decorator’s touch to your outside areas.

We Love Candles!

We are a small family oriented business! We don’t pour our candles 1000’s at a time. Our candles are unique, and perfect to add a little sparkle to an evening under the stars.

What others are saying

[us_testimonial author=”Elin Sigurdardottir” company=”Iceland”]I bought this candle as a Christmas present for my aunt and she absolutely loved it. I will buy them again.

[us_testimonial author=”Toni Steurer” company=”Austria”]Hi! I usally don’t comment things but I just wanna say that this is by far the best candles i ever bought. Keep making fire. Thanks!


Its better to light a candle than to curse the darkness!